Cracking Canada: What is Life in the Country as an Expat

Canada life can certainly be a cathartic experience. Not only is it economically competent, but also provides every individual a beautiful place to settle into. After all, Canada is known for its lovely countryside towns commingling with its modern cities. It is a yin and yang in terms of its regions, a perfect marriage of stunning nature and contemporary amenities.

In addition, Canada often places first in the yearly Human Development Index of the United Nations. This index includes the frequency and quality of job opportunities, education, and cost of living. As what was mentioned earlier, the country has one of the most stable economies in the world and a member of the most prosperous nations in the world, the G8. Given these facts, it is safe to say that Canada is perfect place for expats to settle down.

Below is more detailed information as to why Canada is an ideal expat destination, and what it is like to live in the North American nation.


  • Canada is a part of the British Commonwealth. Because of this, the country has always been a favorite place of expats from France and the United Kingdom.
  • Although Canada is in close relations with the said European countries, its economy and society is more similar with its neighbor, the United States. This is also the reason why many expatriates from the US settle in Canada.
  • Because Canada’s economy is becoming stronger and stronger, the country is also able to welcome emigrants from countries apart from the aforementioned ones.


  • Canada life, compared to the US and other European superpowers, is relatively more affordable. This is why the country is a go-to destination for European expats.
  • Housing costs are more reasonable that is why many are attracted to live in the North American nation.
  • Ottawa, regardless of it being Canada’s capital, offers the cheapest cost of living among all the other major locations in the country. This is based on a 2011 survey.


  • There will not be much of a problem when it comes to the language spoken since the official language in Canada is English, the universal tongue.
  • On the other hand, you may want to brush up on your French as some regions may require you to speak in the said European language, the second vernacular.


  • Canada’s climate has been one of the major concerns of people thinking of settling down in the country.
  • The country experiences the four seasons with warm summers and very cold, long winters. Inland regions can be a lot colder in the winter that is why for people who aren’t used to this climate are advised to use layers upon layers of clothing to keep themselves warm.
  • If you do not like the cold too much, you can opt to relocate in the coastal regions, where winter isn’t as freezing.


  • Canada has always been open to migrant workers. The government is willing to hire workers from other countries. It is for this reason that expats may find it fairly easy to find career opportunities in the country.
  • Most expats living in Canada work in catering, insurance and production industries. Others also find office jobs. Skilled jobs are also big in the country.
  • Unemployment rate in Canada is fairly low, which is good news for those who really want to find work.
  • For some expats, working in Canada without work permit is also possible depending on the type of occupation they are applying for.

Canada life for an expat isn’t as difficult as some would perceive. The most important thing you have to remember is to fix pertinent documents ahead of time. Processing of papers may take up to three years. Secure all the requirements (sufficient funds and the list of items you are bringing) while the documents are being processed.

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